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» » Партнёрская программа от bl.st (English)

Партнёрская программа от bl.st (English)

Партнёрская программа от bl.st (English) при заходе на сайт,можно выбрать русский язык.

Hello everyone I would like to share some info about Bl.st cloud and file storage service.
We are a company who has been in online business since 1999 and over the years we understood the concerns of both the end user and the affiliate, with Bl.st we make use of all our online experiance to provide a great product for everyone.

With Bl.st you can upload your files and share them with everyone you wish on the internet, we offer 3 levels of doing so, Free User, Registered User and Premium User.

Free User:
Can download up to 1GB of data per day.
Can upload up to 10 files in 1 batch and max file size of 1TB.
A download counter of 60 seconds.

Registered User:
Can download up to 2GB of data per day.
Can Upload up to 50 files in 1 batch and max file size of 2TB.
A download counter of 45 seconds

Premium User:
Unlimited downloads
Unlimited Upload without file size restrictions.
No download counter.

We also have an affiliate program for the people who would like to sell their digital content.

We are paying 65% for every premium signup upgrade made through your account and your content.

We are paying through the most common online money platforms like PayPal, Webmoney and Payonner.

Payment is made every Monday once a week.

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